Greg Schultz

My name is Greg Schultz, I'm from New York. I believe that the best technology should always leave a smile on your face :)


I am a senior majoring in Information Science with minors in Computer Science and Business at Cornell University. On campus, I am a member of the Cornell Tradition as well as the team leader of the Technical Operations team within Cornell University Sustainable Design . My other interests include running and photography.

I am currently seeking full-time employment after graduation in May 2019.

Core Programming Languages

Advanced: Python, Javascript
Intermediate: C#, Java


Design: Sketch
Web Development: React.js, Node.js, D3.js, Flask, SASS

Greg B&W

Work Experience and Projects

Cornell Mentorship Platform

(Coming soon!) A formal platform to connect mentors and mentees across Cornell

CS 2300 Curriculum Restructure

Not everyone gets to rewrite a class they took


New Yorkers are loud, but what are they really complaining about?

CUSD Stories

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